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Capital City Scooters specializes in scooter sales and repair. We sell SYM, Genuine, Kymco, and Lance scooters. Feel free to give us a call or stop by the shop. We love scooters!


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Caitlin Didier

It's the middle of February and these warm temps have me excited to ride! There's a few changes we've made and some aspirations I'd like to let you all know about so first things first, the bad news. In 9 years we have never raised our rates but unfortunately that has to change this year. Our rent and other expenses have gone up so we must adjust to the rising costs of running our business. This year shop labor rates will be $80/hour but we still bill in 15 minute increments! We have to strictly enforce the storage fees this year. With 4 scooter lines and maybe more plus the lag times we have been experiencing from some of our manufacturers getting us parts we just don't have the room! I promise not to be a total jerk but unless other arrangements are made we will begin charging a $5/day fee after 3 days of notification of completion. Sorry guys but we'd rather see you out riding and having fun anyway!

Time for good news, dreams and aspirations! The good news is that this girl is working hard on being more organized and less stressed! Thank you instant pot and instant pot community ;) LOL. That's no joke but I'm also working on making sure this shop runs as smoothly as one of Chris' motor rebuilds! I'd like to plan some scooter events and some good rides so keep an eye out for those. We're also working on getting the lead times for service way under the 6-8 weeks they have reached in the past. We're real excited for this upcoming year and look forward to seeing all of you out and about on your scoots!

So I guess that's all I have for now. I'm signing off to start prepping these scooters for you all for Spring. We're almost there!

9 Years!!!!

Caitlin Didier

Tomorrow is our 9 year anniversary of the opening of the shop. I can hardly believe it. We opened under some of the most difficult circumstances I could imagine. The loss of my husband and Chris' dad, a crippled economy and 3 days before Christmas. What were we thinking?!?!?!?!?! I guess we were thinking that we wanted to continue Gary's and my dream of providing quality products and service in to a community that we love and called family, And family you were - and are! Obviously we would not be here without you but beyond your loyalty to us it has been your kindness, patience and excitement that has kept us going. I am always amazed at the wonderful and diverse people I get to meet every day in the shop. Here is a big heartfelt thank you to all of you! Thank you for your commitment and loyalty to us. Chris is an amazing mechanic and we have tried for years to find him a talented helper so we could get those 6-8 week waiting times for service down! We're still working on that so call early! Thank you for spreading your joy and excitement about scooters to the world. It makes me smile every single time I see one of you post about your ride that day or when you beep as you ride by the shop. Thank you for your patience with us. We are a 2 person operation and it is a lot of work. In the summer we put in 12-14 hour days and sometimes we get so tired we screw up. Well, mostly me. There are a lot of components to running a small business and, to be honest when Gary and I talked about opening the shop, I just thought I'd get to put on cute heels, look pretty and sell scooters. Boy was I wrong about that. The heels are a given but bags, dark circles and stress wrinkles are now a given too! And its so worth it. I feel beyond lucky to have such a rewarding and fun job! And finally, thank you for being our friends. We couldn't have done it without you. Happiest of holidays to all of you. I look forward to spending the years ahead with all of you.

- Caitlin

Scooters Part Two!

Caitlin Didier

Wow. Its been 5 years since I wrote the blog below this one on buying a scooter! Time flies! So while much of what I wrote 5 years ago still holds true, there have been some changes that I wanted to update everyone on. One of the greatest things that happened in scooterdom in Ohio is that we are now legally allowed to park bikes with engines of 150cc's or less on the sidewalk! Wut?! You read that right. Its so nice to be able to park in the Short North again! And downtown? No problem!

Since I wrote that post below we have also picked up Kymco and Lance scooters. Now I know what you're thinking "she promised she wouldn't sell any of that Chinese junk!" And you're right. I don't. But the economy has been tough in the scooter world and many companies, SYM and Kymco included, have some of their bikes assembled in China to keep the costs down. Same great Taiwanese quality without the higher price tags. Now the straight talk on Lance. The distributor for SYM became the distributor for Lance who used to be a total crappy scooter company. My SYM rep called me one day and said "Caitlin, you gotta sell these Lance bikes, they're selling like hotcakes!" I said "I don't care! I'm not selling junk!" He said "I'm sending you two to try out - you can pay me when you sell them." "Fine!" I yelled (not really but I do like to give my rep a hard time - its so easy when they're in California). As it turns out, Lance has partnered up with SYM, restructured and now sells good quality bikes with SYM motors in them. They come with a two year parts and labor warranty and we have had no trouble with them! That means we now have more variety than ever to help you find your perfect scooter.  

Other changes I want to comment briefly on are that the motorcycle safety course is now $50 (damn inflation) and we can now offer financing through both Sheffield Financial and Nextep Funding! Sheffield we do in house but you can look into lease to own with Nextep in your own home. Just go to! I think that's it for now. Come in and see us, sit on some scooters, have a chat and make all your scooter dreams come true!


Matthew Tierney

As we head in to summer and summer commuting and summer gas prices a lot of people are starting to think about scooters as a fun, fuel efficient, alternative means of transportation.  If you are one of those people I thought I would help you along in your search for the perfect scooter by providing some basic info and words of caution. 

To begin, in Ohio scooters are considered motorcycles and require a motorcycle endorsement.  I know in some states under 50cc doesn't require one but unfortunately, in Ohio that's not the case.  But not to worry! All you need to do is go to the BMV and take the written test.  I suggest getting the handbook and reading that before the test.  Its a stupid test and maybe I only say that because I failed it the first time but then so did a lot of my friends so its probably a stupid test ; )  The written test gives you your permit which is good for a year.  On the permit you are allowed to ride with the following restriction: not after dark, no passengers and you have to wear a helmet.  Then all you need to do is take the riding test which is super easy on a scooter and that gives you your full endorsement.  Of course, we recommend taking the motorcycle safety course.  Its a 16 hour course, only costs $25 and you get your endorsement at the end of the course.  It is really an awesome class but they fill up fast.  For more information of the safety course go to You are now allowed to take the class on your scooter but we recommend using their bikes. Not only will you learn how to shift but also if you drop it, its their problem!

Now on to buying a scooter.

There are only a few companies we recommend that produce good quality scooters with good warranties and dealer support.  Those are SYM and Genuine (of course two brands that we sell!) Kymco, Vespa/Piaggio/Aprilia.  Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki are also excellent scooters of course.  I will vehemently caution against buying any other brand scooter and especially a scooter you find on line for $999 or less.  And let me tell you why.  We've been doing this 70+ hours a week for 3 1/2 years and not only have we found that the off brand Chinese scooters are unreliable but also sometimes impossible to find parts for.  Often, the motors are fine, its everything else that is shoddily manufactured.  If you get an electrical problem on of those forget it.  Wiring diagrams are not available and the labor hours to even find the problem would be more than the bike is worth.  In one case we waited nearly 2 years for a wheel - that's 2 years sitting in our shop and not having fun on the road!  It really is worth it to invest a little more money in a brand that is tried and true and has great dealer support. 

Since I want you to buy from me of course I will talk a little about SYM and Genuine (though much is the same for the other quality brands I mentioned above).  SYM is a Taiwanese based company who manufactured for Honda for over 30 years (you might read advertising that other scooters have Honda parts and styling - buyer beware! the only other company who manufactured for Honda was Kymco) Ok so good Honda quality without the Honda price tag.  We've carried them since we opened and love them! Lots of different styles and sizes and we've only had one or two warranty claims for them!  You may be wary because of some rough times SYM went through with Carter Brother's as their U.S. distributor.  We have a new distributor, Alliance Powersports and they have been awesome!  The parts guy even hit UPS on his way home after work to make sure we got a part quickly!  Talk about customer service and dealer support!  You can check them out at

Genuine was started by the brilliance of Philip McCaleb and his love of scooters.  The Buddy and the Stella are two of the top selling scooters on the market!  The Stella (my personal ride) is the exact same frame as the P series Vespas.  We only recently became a Genuine dealer (though we've wanted it since we opened!) and have been thrilled with the speed and service of everyone over there in Chicago!

So, my other advice is to think about how fast you need to go and what kind of style you like (retro, modern, big wheels etc...) whether or not you want to shift and what your favorite color is!  We have a wide range of sizes and styles in stock.  Come down and check them out and don't hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions!  We want you to help you find the perfect scooter for your taste and budget so if used is the way you want to go we get them in stock when we can, but if you're looking on craigslist and see something you like but aren't sure if its good quality or a good deal call us! We'll let you know if you're looking at something that will last and if the asking price is fair.  And if you want the security of buying new be reassured that all of our scooters come with a 2 year parts and labor warranty and Genuine offers free roadside assistance! 

Welcome to the world of scootering.  We love it and we know you will too!

Happy scootering!

Scoot-A-Que and stuff

Matthew Tierney

Wow.  Its been a while since I've written anything so I guess its about time!  I'd like to start by saying thank you all for coming out to Scoot-A-Que and helping to make it another awesome rally!  A huge shoutout to my fellow Cutters and Peaseys who worked tirelessly to organize it.  It takes a lot of work to put on a rally - from getting sponsors to planning the ride to creating the video and the art and vision of the overall theme.  Luckily, we have a great bunch of very creative scooterists and the result was an awesome weekend!  And to all those who bought raffle tickets - thank you.  All proceeds go to Camp Sunrise and we are proud to be able to contribute to their important mission every year.

So, now the leaves are falling and the days seem to be getting shorter quicker but I bet there are still a lot of good riding days ahead.  I am one of those that tends to fall victim to SAD (you know, that seasonal affective disorder - just one of many of my disorders ; ) heh) so I am already thinking about things to do when it gets cold and snowy.  I'm certainly planning movie nights and probably a holiday party at the shop, maybe some game nights!  I'm open to suggestions - you can post 'em here! 

In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful Fall weather and those beautiful trees!

"A totally different view"

Matthew Tierney

I love talking to people about scooters.  Maybe its the anthropologist in me but I could listen for hours to people's experiences and views about scooters and scootering.  Recently, a customer came in to the shop to buy a scooter.  His excitement over purchasing a scooter was simply contagious.  I find this to be the case a lot and I am always reminded of when Gary and I bought our first scooters.  Talking with this particular customer about scooters he mentioned that his buddies at work were razzing him about buying a scooter and said he should buy a motorcycle instead.  His response to me was that, with scooters, you get "a totally different view of the world."  It was the same thing Gary and I said after taking our 2 state scoot.  I remember we came across a marker for the Santa Fe Trail erected by the Daughters of the Revolution nearly buried in the weeds by the side of the road.  We remarked that we never would have seen it had we been in a car.

I'm not entirely sure why scooters give a totally different view of the world but there is certainly something very romantic and very freeing about a scooter ride.  Perhaps,scooters force you to ride more slowly (with the exception of 250cc and up scooters) and give more opportunity to experience the view.  Personally, I find riding my scooter some of the best therapy in the world.  When I get on my scooter I find the troubles of the world disappear, my mind clears and I let the wind and the scenery wash over me.  Ok, to be completely honest, I often find myself singing in my helmet!  I know, I know, I'm a nerd but I'm a happy nerd! People buy scooters for a lot of different reasons but almost every scooterist I've met ends up falling in love with the ride.  I recently came across this picture of Gary which I think best sums up the feeling, at least that I get, when riding scooters.

Scooters and Scooterists cont...

Matthew Tierney

That winter, Gary established the Easy Peasey Scooter Posse forum which can be found at, and today we have over 200 members nationwide.  It is a wonderful community of scooter enthusiasts who come together on line to chat about scooters, our favorite rides, and post pictures of our adventures.  Locally, the Peaseys gather for Sunday rides and play Scooter Tag.  We have become great friends bonded initially by the love of the ride. 

Although many of the Peaseys I know only through the online forum, they have been a wonderful source of friendship and support.  I remember reading a thread when Gary was in the hospital and these beautiful people went out to their scooters in the dead of winter and honked their horns at 9pm.  The image of that was so powerful I could never thank them enough.  Others expressed their deep sorrow and sympathy at the loss of Gary some of whom had never met him in person.  The Columbus Cutters, another scooter club in town joined in the discussion and members of both clubs rode to the funeral with "Friends of Gary United" legshield banners.  I was overwhelmed.  This amazing community of scooterists helped me through the darkest hours of my life and for them, I am eternally grateful. 

As I sit in my scooter shop I think back to that one little purchase of Honda Metropolitans and can't believe what a difference it made and how it brought me to where I am today.  I am a lucky woman to be living our dream - surrounded by scooters and scooterists every day.

Scooters and Scooterists... the beginning

Matthew Tierney

Thursday, June 9th will have been Gary and my 10th wedding anniversary.  Clearly, being nostalgic I have also been thinking about the fact that it will be 5 years since we bought our first scooters.  I am amazed at how that one little purchase dramatically changed both our lives, but especially mine.  I remember perfectly researching what scooters we should get and the day we stumbled upon a wonderful forum called  Urbanscootin was originally created specifically for Honda Metropolitan owners but grew to include people who owned all kinds of scooters.  We met a lot of wonderful people who I still consider friends to this day.  Our decision to buy Honda Mets was influenced by that forum but we also liked the styling and the reassurance of Honda quality.  When we decided on which model scooter we wanted Gary proclaimed "I only want the red and white one." I responded "I only want the orange and white."  It was as though the scooter gods were listening because we hopped in the car and drove to a small, locally owned Honda shop and peeked in the window (it was Sunday and they were closed).  There, on the floor, were the only 2 scooters in the whole shop and they were a pair of Mets in red and orange.  It was, we decided, meant to be.

Gary went and bought them the next day and when the drivers delivered them to the house we barely yelled a thank you over our shoulder as we hopped on and zipped off on our brand new scooters.  For a month you could barely keep us off them.  We made up errands to run, took them to the drive-in to see the movie Cars - we were ironic that way ; ), and spent evenings figuring out new ways to bling them up! One afternoon we took them to a motorcycle show in downtown Wichita and parked our little Mets between 2 Harleys.  We got a lot of looks but also a lot of compliments.  Wichita is not the most scooter friendly town and we rarely saw other scooterists but when we did we always waved and smiled to them when we passed. 

In September, 2006 we moved to Columbus where I was raised and attended our first scooter rally - Scoot-A-Que organized by the Columbus Cutters.  We didn't know anyone but ran into a couple in the parking lot of the Meet and Greet looking at our Mets.  We introduced ourselves, got to talking and became fast friends.  We just clicked that weekend and decided we should meet in Hocking Hills for a camping weekend the following month.  We had a blast in Hocking Hills with Matt and Ali and another wonderful couple.  We rode through the beautiful hills, enjoyed cocktails on the porch and good company.  The Hocking Hills weekend was also when the Easy Peasey Scooter Posse was born.  To this day, Matt and Ali are two of my closest friends.

The ride during Scoot-A-Que also made Gary and I realize that we needed bigger scooters.  Gary decided on the Vespa LX 150 and I decided I wanted a Stella.  I found a beautiful arctic white Stella on e-bay with awesome pinstriping and after a couple of rum and cokes I decided to bid on it.  The next morning I found out I had won the auction and I turned to Gary and said "what have I done?! I've never even sat on a Stella!"  He laughed and said "Looks like a road trip to Indianapolis to pick up your new scooter!"