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"A totally different view"

Matthew Tierney

I love talking to people about scooters.  Maybe its the anthropologist in me but I could listen for hours to people's experiences and views about scooters and scootering.  Recently, a customer came in to the shop to buy a scooter.  His excitement over purchasing a scooter was simply contagious.  I find this to be the case a lot and I am always reminded of when Gary and I bought our first scooters.  Talking with this particular customer about scooters he mentioned that his buddies at work were razzing him about buying a scooter and said he should buy a motorcycle instead.  His response to me was that, with scooters, you get "a totally different view of the world."  It was the same thing Gary and I said after taking our 2 state scoot.  I remember we came across a marker for the Santa Fe Trail erected by the Daughters of the Revolution nearly buried in the weeds by the side of the road.  We remarked that we never would have seen it had we been in a car.

I'm not entirely sure why scooters give a totally different view of the world but there is certainly something very romantic and very freeing about a scooter ride.  Perhaps,scooters force you to ride more slowly (with the exception of 250cc and up scooters) and give more opportunity to experience the view.  Personally, I find riding my scooter some of the best therapy in the world.  When I get on my scooter I find the troubles of the world disappear, my mind clears and I let the wind and the scenery wash over me.  Ok, to be completely honest, I often find myself singing in my helmet!  I know, I know, I'm a nerd but I'm a happy nerd! People buy scooters for a lot of different reasons but almost every scooterist I've met ends up falling in love with the ride.  I recently came across this picture of Gary which I think best sums up the feeling, at least that I get, when riding scooters.