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2509 Summit St
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Capital City Scooters specializes in scooter sales and repair. We sell SYM, Genuine, Kymco, and Lance scooters. Feel free to give us a call or stop by the shop. We love scooters!

About Us

Gary and I bought our first scooters in 2006 for our 5th wedding anniversary. We bought two Honda Metropolitans and immediately fell in love with scooting.

That summer we decided to sell our house in Wichita, Kansas, and move to Columbus, Ohio. We had spent a month prepping the house to put it on the market and decided we deserved a vacation. Thus began the plans for a 700 mile road trip on our new 50cc scooters. The day we put our house on the market we loaded our scooters in the back of Gary’s 1970 Chevy pickup (Old Blue) and drove to Ainsworth, Nebraska, where Gary’s mom and stepdad live. There we left Old Blue in storage and, after a short visit we hit the road. The first leg was a 43 mile stretch on old highway 7. We didn’t see a single car and took our time, stopping for pictures, and goofing off in the middle of the highway. We made the trip back to Wichita in seven days stopping for every historical marker, every restaurant that sold biscuits and gravy and every unique site we could find including the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City, Kansas, and the Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas. It was the trip of a lifetime.

We moved to Columbus, Ohio, in the fall of 2006 just in time for our first scooter rally – Scoot-a-Que organized by the local scooter club the Columbus Cutters. We met amazing people who have become lifelong friends. That first rally made us realize our scooters were much too slow! We bought bigger scooters and, unable to part with our beloved Mets, became a four scooter family.

Scooting became the center of our lives. Gary organized an on-line scooter club called the Easy Peasey Scooter Posse which today boasts over 150 members. Those of us in Columbus ride together every Sunday and play scooter tag; the Posse has grown to be a wonderful online community of scooterists.

In the summer of 2008 Gary and I decided to live our dream by opening our own scooter shop so we could spend 24/7 doing all things scooter related. One week before we were scheduled to open Gary suffered a heart attack and passed away on December 10th. Our dream, however, did not die. Gary's son Chris, in one of the most selfless acts I have ever witnessed, offered to move to Columbus and help me run the shop.  Four days after his father's funeral Chris packed what he could in his car and moved in with me, leaving his friends and family behind to help continue, what is now, the Didier dream business.  Chris is an incredibly skilled and dedicated mechanic who tackles everything from oil changes to full engine rebuilds.  In the midst of grieving over his father's passing and moving to a new city where he knew no one, Chris jumped in and has built the reputation Gary and I sought to achieve - that of providing quality, honest service for members of the scooter community.  I am proud to have him as a partner in this business.

And so, thanks to Chris, Gary’s family, and dear friends in the scooter community, Capital City Scooters opened on December 22, 2008.  We are humbled and grateful to the support of all the scooterists and friends who have helped us over the years.  Without all of you we could not be living our dream.

Today, I am proud to say that Capital City Scooters offers a full line of scooters, scooter lifestyle items as well as service and repair. Chris has a mechanic’s degree from Pittsburgh State University and I simply love all things scooter.


                            - Caitlin Didier