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Capital City Scooters specializes in scooter sales and repair. We sell SYM, Genuine, Kymco, and Lance scooters. Feel free to give us a call or stop by the shop. We love scooters!

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Caitlin Didier

It's the middle of February and these warm temps have me excited to ride! There's a few changes we've made and some aspirations I'd like to let you all know about so first things first, the bad news. In 9 years we have never raised our rates but unfortunately that has to change this year. Our rent and other expenses have gone up so we must adjust to the rising costs of running our business. This year shop labor rates will be $80/hour but we still bill in 15 minute increments! We have to strictly enforce the storage fees this year. With 4 scooter lines and maybe more plus the lag times we have been experiencing from some of our manufacturers getting us parts we just don't have the room! I promise not to be a total jerk but unless other arrangements are made we will begin charging a $5/day fee after 3 days of notification of completion. Sorry guys but we'd rather see you out riding and having fun anyway!

Time for good news, dreams and aspirations! The good news is that this girl is working hard on being more organized and less stressed! Thank you instant pot and instant pot community ;) LOL. That's no joke but I'm also working on making sure this shop runs as smoothly as one of Chris' motor rebuilds! I'd like to plan some scooter events and some good rides so keep an eye out for those. We're also working on getting the lead times for service way under the 6-8 weeks they have reached in the past. We're real excited for this upcoming year and look forward to seeing all of you out and about on your scoots!

So I guess that's all I have for now. I'm signing off to start prepping these scooters for you all for Spring. We're almost there!