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Capital City Scooters specializes in scooter sales and repair. We sell SYM, Genuine, Kymco, and Lance scooters. Feel free to give us a call or stop by the shop. We love scooters!

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9 Years!!!!

Caitlin Didier

Tomorrow is our 9 year anniversary of the opening of the shop. I can hardly believe it. We opened under some of the most difficult circumstances I could imagine. The loss of my husband and Chris' dad, a crippled economy and 3 days before Christmas. What were we thinking?!?!?!?!?! I guess we were thinking that we wanted to continue Gary's and my dream of providing quality products and service in to a community that we love and called family, And family you were - and are! Obviously we would not be here without you but beyond your loyalty to us it has been your kindness, patience and excitement that has kept us going. I am always amazed at the wonderful and diverse people I get to meet every day in the shop. Here is a big heartfelt thank you to all of you! Thank you for your commitment and loyalty to us. Chris is an amazing mechanic and we have tried for years to find him a talented helper so we could get those 6-8 week waiting times for service down! We're still working on that so call early! Thank you for spreading your joy and excitement about scooters to the world. It makes me smile every single time I see one of you post about your ride that day or when you beep as you ride by the shop. Thank you for your patience with us. We are a 2 person operation and it is a lot of work. In the summer we put in 12-14 hour days and sometimes we get so tired we screw up. Well, mostly me. There are a lot of components to running a small business and, to be honest when Gary and I talked about opening the shop, I just thought I'd get to put on cute heels, look pretty and sell scooters. Boy was I wrong about that. The heels are a given but bags, dark circles and stress wrinkles are now a given too! And its so worth it. I feel beyond lucky to have such a rewarding and fun job! And finally, thank you for being our friends. We couldn't have done it without you. Happiest of holidays to all of you. I look forward to spending the years ahead with all of you.

- Caitlin